Thursday, October 15, 2009

Autumn in my heart

"Once upon a time,
in a far away land, there live a little girl named Pinky. She lives with 3 gummy bears...."

Nahh! i went on some photo session with Hariz, Peyek, Jalal and KK, two days in a row. Being the minority in our small community, it just so happen that they wanted to test their new SLR or payung or whatever gadget u called it. It was a good exposure for me. I know i like photographs, but not that much. my laziness doesnt let me to go to that extent
Weird, awkward..yes i know i've been posing a lot with those crazy friends that i love dearly.
but some how i felt weird during the photoshoot. maybe its because the photographers were like almost like a pro's or maybe i just met them. x bole nk tunjuk perangai buruk lagi la
kan? haha..

it was a nice me and my dear friend Kattelee from Patta

Friday, October 2, 2009

My very own Big Breakfast

Just feel like eating baked beans for breakfast. Every morning, i got the house for my own. No one to gossip or chat. Pian & Afuk got morning class. So here i am, all by myself.
I remember how mama use to make us this very same dish for breakfast. But of course, mama buat lagi sedap lah kan? hehe :)

Kecik, aku suka kau masak. mmg sedap!
Zer, lamanye kau jumpe gf. Nak gelak2 ngn kau.
Aku bosan.

Across the world and never look back

16th Sept 09 - my 1st nite in Uk ( Edgware Road, London)

Finally, i've gone out of home. Yes, i've been waiting for my whole life just to be away. Away from my love ones. Don't get me wrong darls, but I just needed the time and space. Just to wondering and learning all by myself. I know i've been such pain in the ass for some people. but trust me, i just need to experience new things. i've been bored for quite some time now. Not just the people but malasyia is just not that nice to me somehow.not rite now. i just want to be far far away..

Whether i'll succeed or not is not my concern, i just want to live my new life rite now. and when i've had enough of everything. I'll come back home. and live there forever and will love each and every moment in malaysia. Just NOT NOW :D

Just arrive here in UK at 3.52pm (UK time) after long 12 hours flight from KL.
I'm travelling with a mate Sufian which is also my housemate. I could not think about family. especially Hannan, my dear lil sister who i know will miss me the most. It just so hard and so sad just to think about it. I can't dwell my emotion to that place. "Kak Yan sayang Hannan..Kak Yan rindu Hannan sgt sgt.." If only i can say those words to her. NO!! i would burst into tears. and so is she. Which later then I heard from a friend back at KLIA. He said that Hannan was screaming and crying loudly calling my name again and again. She even climb up the pagar at KLIA just to see me but i just kept going. and not looking back at all. I JUST COULDN'T.

My second day in UK, some guy who i dont even know and just could not even care less even if he had help me..called a MERCEDEZ limo just to take us to a bus station and WE ARE SUPPOSE TO PAY FOR THE LIMO????. I mean, WTF? i thought that a******* would have know that we're were being paid by my so called uncle latif and he'd pay for everything. Argh! what a shitty day to begin. but i'm looking forward for wales. and here we go!