Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Muse

Been very confused lately,very very.
so many things happen. not the usual ones though.
m always sad....about things that i don't even understand and don't even sure of. so i've find a way. A way to distract me from over thinking of the things that are unsure.

Been so into fashion lately. but not the houte couture, ANTM kind of stuff. but the fashion of real people in the world mostly in europe. i have my own style but then sometime its kinda difficult to follow 'em when the parents not very keen of it. heh.
nway, i'm addicted to lookbook now. so i found this girl who i think has the most brilliant sense of fashion. love her eyes, her hair, and her fashion is some kind of laid back and not so glamour. oh wat i like to call..COOL!

Adeline Rapon, France

Apart from Adeline, the girl that i've always love to watch is Alexa Chung, a model turn to TV presenter from England. She's half Chinese and half English. She was Alex Turner's (The Arctic Monkey frontman) lover. how cool! Another brilliant fashionista!

Alexa Chung, England

sorting out old clothes to let go.
wanting to add new ones :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Singing after Jogging di pagi hari

2 makhluk perosak di tepi kolam

11:00 am - Just after jogging(sbenarnye brace walk aje kot! heh)
Joey : Karaoke Jom!
Aku : hmm..btul ke?
Joey : Ye la..serius ni.
Aku : Selambe la. jom!

Graduation the 2nd

Yup..its my 2nd time..
ok je..biase cam best sebab name aku awal and dpt gak 2nd class Upper..sbb degree aku kali ni merudum..jatuh berderai! pemalas pye pasal..still above 3 la :)
xde sape yg dtg kecuali mummy and daddy (sejak bile aku panggil cmtu?) xkisah la..
mama ngn ayah dtg..bagi bunga yg besar! thanks sgt muah muah mama n ayah! (bole eh cenggitu?)
ape2 pun konvo diploma gak best! lebih gementar and lebih meriah,,ye la dulu ramai kawan skg ni dh kurang skit..kenape? xyah tau kami ok ok belaka :))
Congrats Everyone!!
BBA (Hons) International Business '08

2 years earlier...

Diploma in Business Studies '06

we're alone with each other

hello semua..
well this particular day is way over,tp baru teringat nk update. so that day we suppose to take our jubah for convocation and raptai and biase aku,eda & hafiz dh siap awal.
after amik jubah we called bob & syafiq who suppose to join us later utk sesi fotografi..

well..boys will be boys..janji tnggal janji..3 of us dh mls nk tunggu so end up going to pyramid and treat ourself for some shopping spree..

the 3 of us are mostly comfortable with each other..we laugh and cracked ourself.. fikir balik nasib baik yg lain xjoin..kalo x susah nk gossip :PP nway the 3 of us have so much fun.

i bought my self an Esprit Purse and pink checkered shirt which aku pkai terus! hahaha.

hafiz beli kasut everlast utk kerja kat topman (kene stylo milo la konon) hahaha. but aku yg pilih kasut tu so bangge la jugak! hehe. eda pun beli mcm aku but the blue colour.

later we had dinner at kedai makan tepi quality hotel. and of cos bile dh smpai quality hotel wajib karaoke!!! hehee.. yeah! we had a lot of fun together. love u both! kite mmg rock!! :D