Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Likewise, Dinner 3 Budak Biru in Subang Parade


since im in the mood of updating so here it is. last 2 weeks Zohri aka Joey and Pinto aka Fiat Pinto bwk aku gi subang parade. Its about time joey blanje, he's giving many excuses before this. finaly,nafsu membuak2 2 jejaka ni utk mkn secret recipe telah membawakan kepada dinner kami pd mlm tu. borak punye borak, mkn pye mkn, siap kacau waiter secret recipe. joey ah ni..suke kacau org! haha. I'm touched by Pinto's story. we should all bersyukur for our health becos not all of us are lucky. sometime we take things for granted. i know always do. i hope i can change. i want to.hmm ape lah Emo plak ni. Anywayyyy.. its good to have people to just hang and let loose some of the extra beggage on workload. but after that, BAM! terus tido. penat nk gila! huhu. Joey bought himself a pair of t-shirt at Giordano.. argh! if only aku pun bwk extra money. tp kene sbr. just hv to wait until i get to UK and go crazy on shopping. *finger crosses*

nwy,the long version of this story can be read in Joey's hehe :)

Thanks Joey & Fiat Pinto :)
we shud do this more often.
ABC jom! haha

Delay & Pre-Bday


its been awhile. yah everytime i update i'll be saying its a long time since i update. but hell, mmg dh lama pn kan? hmm maybe malas nk ceritakan ape yg dh byk berlaku or im just plain lazy.
hmm..bile la nk berubah..

10 May was my bday and was quite sad cos fakhry wasnt here to celeb with. i miss him..
and thats why...............we've made a pre-bday for both of us. yeay!! it was end of april i guess. (huh,gile la xingt)we went to pyramid and had a dinner at Bubba Gumb Shrimp.(oh i love this place) he bought a cake, for both of us but he gave it to the waiter in bubba gump to keep it until desert time.when they asked whose bday is it, of cos fakhry kata bday aku. then all of the waiter & waitress gather around our table and i thought, "alamak ni mesti nk nyanyi ramai nihhh" but then they pull out a chair and asked me NOT to SEAT on it but to STAND on it! gile la weh! nk wat cmner dh sume org tgk, aku pun berdiri la atas kerusi tu..and all the waiter n waitress starting cheering loudly...and saying sarcastic thing about birthday and it was soo hilarious! but then they asked me to GOYANGKAN PINGGUL! yes!! if not they wont give my bday cake! aiyahhhhhh!! goyang inul la aku mlm tu. siot ok! tp buat bodo je sbb aku xkenal sapa2 pun dlm restoran tu. fakhry got it on tape ok mase tu. malu jaakkk! but anyway it was a fun night. thanks to my lovely fakhry, although before this event happen we had a huge fight! argh! susah la nk elak from bergaduh. dem! but i love u honey!

here's the vid. mmg bodoh je rase tp sgt best :D

Happy birthday to us syg :)