Sunday, February 1, 2009

giliran aku pulak!

me n fakhry, we havent seen each other for about 3 this time i asked him to take me to klcc cos dah lame gilaa x gi klcc. cant remember when was our last time kitorg gi. mcm dh 2 tahun kot. huhu. nways, my real intention is to go SHOPPING! yes! its my turn now! dh lame dh aku sabar je..duit gaji dh 3 bulan x sentuh2 lg, and with my bisnes is going on so well now, i think i deserve to have some pleasure :)

i know cam poyo gler nk kecoh psl shopping2 nih, tp dulik ape aku!! sbb puas ati sgt shopping aku nk gak berblog! nways, i've came across the cute slippers at NOSE, murah jugak..mmg dh nak beli dh then suddenly si fakhry ni asked me to try this GRAY WEDGES..very high wedges u see..i'm like, ok i'll give it a try.then OMG!! its really like LAWA GILER!! been seing this kind of wedges worn by celebs. I felt in live with it instantly! and i bought it!! HAHAAA..yg paling best, TERUS PAKAI TUH!!! :DDD
ingt aku dh xkan pki high heels but who knows? i just change my mind just like that! of course,when the right shoes come, u just can't control urself from not buying it.;p

Marni Wedges

same kan? =))

and then there were the bags...ILYA & BAGS are like inseperable u see..haha.
mule kat NOSE tu ada satu bag hijau yg lawa jugaklah. but the price's not! so jln2 kt MNG jmpa this one sling bag in NAVY BLUE, cute sgt! i never had this kind of bag. cute,the price is quite high la but not as mahal as the green bag. so duk ulang alik frm MNG n NOSE then i decided to buy th BLUE one. Fakhry pun approve :)

Then after stroling around klcc park we got back to shah alam and have dinner.
we ate at this small stall at dataran s.alm where we usually hang out before we head back home..


mmg puas hati! hahaha..
peace y'all!