Sunday, November 29, 2009



Something so nice and beautiful and at the same time it can be the most excruciating thing that can happen........whether we like it or not we have to go back to Allah swt....

"Ya Allah Ya Tuhan ku, ku mohon ampun padamu ya Allah, aku berasa sungguh keji dan hina..aku banyak membuat dosa pada mu Ya Allah.....berikanlah aku kekuatan untuk menempuhi segala dugaan dan cabaran.......berikan lah aku jodoh yang terbaik untukku...permudahkan lah segala urusan2 ku Ya Allah.."

Saturday, November 21, 2009


have you ever feel like you just wanna turn back time...and hopefully all of the misery will vanish in the air and like nothing has ever happen..i really hope i can. i'm confused, i am mad, i am so freaking mad..and i am sad..i don't know why I'm becoming like this. i thought i was the most easy and laid back girl, but no! why do i have to think about this? why is it so complicated?
why can i just be like everyone else and just be happy for the things that they've got?
Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, please give me strengths to face all these problems and please take away all my sorrows....

Thursday, November 12, 2009


"They were in love. you could tell just by the way they looked at each other, like they had the most wonderful secret in the world between them..."

"Sometimes a heart can't afford to be just friends..."

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Autumn in my heart

"Once upon a time,
in a far away land, there live a little girl named Pinky. She lives with 3 gummy bears...."

Nahh! i went on some photo session with Hariz, Peyek, Jalal and KK, two days in a row. Being the minority in our small community, it just so happen that they wanted to test their new SLR or payung or whatever gadget u called it. It was a good exposure for me. I know i like photographs, but not that much. my laziness doesnt let me to go to that extent
Weird, awkward..yes i know i've been posing a lot with those crazy friends that i love dearly.
but some how i felt weird during the photoshoot. maybe its because the photographers were like almost like a pro's or maybe i just met them. x bole nk tunjuk perangai buruk lagi la
kan? haha..

it was a nice me and my dear friend Kattelee from Patta

Friday, October 2, 2009

My very own Big Breakfast

Just feel like eating baked beans for breakfast. Every morning, i got the house for my own. No one to gossip or chat. Pian & Afuk got morning class. So here i am, all by myself.
I remember how mama use to make us this very same dish for breakfast. But of course, mama buat lagi sedap lah kan? hehe :)

Kecik, aku suka kau masak. mmg sedap!
Zer, lamanye kau jumpe gf. Nak gelak2 ngn kau.
Aku bosan.

Across the world and never look back

16th Sept 09 - my 1st nite in Uk ( Edgware Road, London)

Finally, i've gone out of home. Yes, i've been waiting for my whole life just to be away. Away from my love ones. Don't get me wrong darls, but I just needed the time and space. Just to wondering and learning all by myself. I know i've been such pain in the ass for some people. but trust me, i just need to experience new things. i've been bored for quite some time now. Not just the people but malasyia is just not that nice to me somehow.not rite now. i just want to be far far away..

Whether i'll succeed or not is not my concern, i just want to live my new life rite now. and when i've had enough of everything. I'll come back home. and live there forever and will love each and every moment in malaysia. Just NOT NOW :D

Just arrive here in UK at 3.52pm (UK time) after long 12 hours flight from KL.
I'm travelling with a mate Sufian which is also my housemate. I could not think about family. especially Hannan, my dear lil sister who i know will miss me the most. It just so hard and so sad just to think about it. I can't dwell my emotion to that place. "Kak Yan sayang Hannan..Kak Yan rindu Hannan sgt sgt.." If only i can say those words to her. NO!! i would burst into tears. and so is she. Which later then I heard from a friend back at KLIA. He said that Hannan was screaming and crying loudly calling my name again and again. She even climb up the pagar at KLIA just to see me but i just kept going. and not looking back at all. I JUST COULDN'T.

My second day in UK, some guy who i dont even know and just could not even care less even if he had help me..called a MERCEDEZ limo just to take us to a bus station and WE ARE SUPPOSE TO PAY FOR THE LIMO????. I mean, WTF? i thought that a******* would have know that we're were being paid by my so called uncle latif and he'd pay for everything. Argh! what a shitty day to begin. but i'm looking forward for wales. and here we go!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Bite Me

i'll be back! soon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Muse

Been very confused lately,very very.
so many things happen. not the usual ones though.
m always sad....about things that i don't even understand and don't even sure of. so i've find a way. A way to distract me from over thinking of the things that are unsure.

Been so into fashion lately. but not the houte couture, ANTM kind of stuff. but the fashion of real people in the world mostly in europe. i have my own style but then sometime its kinda difficult to follow 'em when the parents not very keen of it. heh.
nway, i'm addicted to lookbook now. so i found this girl who i think has the most brilliant sense of fashion. love her eyes, her hair, and her fashion is some kind of laid back and not so glamour. oh wat i like to call..COOL!

Adeline Rapon, France

Apart from Adeline, the girl that i've always love to watch is Alexa Chung, a model turn to TV presenter from England. She's half Chinese and half English. She was Alex Turner's (The Arctic Monkey frontman) lover. how cool! Another brilliant fashionista!

Alexa Chung, England

sorting out old clothes to let go.
wanting to add new ones :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Singing after Jogging di pagi hari

2 makhluk perosak di tepi kolam

11:00 am - Just after jogging(sbenarnye brace walk aje kot! heh)
Joey : Karaoke Jom!
Aku : hmm..btul ke?
Joey : Ye la..serius ni.
Aku : Selambe la. jom!

Graduation the 2nd

Yup..its my 2nd time..
ok je..biase cam best sebab name aku awal and dpt gak 2nd class Upper..sbb degree aku kali ni merudum..jatuh berderai! pemalas pye pasal..still above 3 la :)
xde sape yg dtg kecuali mummy and daddy (sejak bile aku panggil cmtu?) xkisah la..
mama ngn ayah dtg..bagi bunga yg besar! thanks sgt muah muah mama n ayah! (bole eh cenggitu?)
ape2 pun konvo diploma gak best! lebih gementar and lebih meriah,,ye la dulu ramai kawan skg ni dh kurang skit..kenape? xyah tau kami ok ok belaka :))
Congrats Everyone!!
BBA (Hons) International Business '08

2 years earlier...

Diploma in Business Studies '06

we're alone with each other

hello semua..
well this particular day is way over,tp baru teringat nk update. so that day we suppose to take our jubah for convocation and raptai and biase aku,eda & hafiz dh siap awal.
after amik jubah we called bob & syafiq who suppose to join us later utk sesi fotografi..

well..boys will be boys..janji tnggal janji..3 of us dh mls nk tunggu so end up going to pyramid and treat ourself for some shopping spree..

the 3 of us are mostly comfortable with each other..we laugh and cracked ourself.. fikir balik nasib baik yg lain xjoin..kalo x susah nk gossip :PP nway the 3 of us have so much fun.

i bought my self an Esprit Purse and pink checkered shirt which aku pkai terus! hahaha.

hafiz beli kasut everlast utk kerja kat topman (kene stylo milo la konon) hahaha. but aku yg pilih kasut tu so bangge la jugak! hehe. eda pun beli mcm aku but the blue colour.

later we had dinner at kedai makan tepi quality hotel. and of cos bile dh smpai quality hotel wajib karaoke!!! hehee.. yeah! we had a lot of fun together. love u both! kite mmg rock!! :D

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Likewise, Dinner 3 Budak Biru in Subang Parade


since im in the mood of updating so here it is. last 2 weeks Zohri aka Joey and Pinto aka Fiat Pinto bwk aku gi subang parade. Its about time joey blanje, he's giving many excuses before this. finaly,nafsu membuak2 2 jejaka ni utk mkn secret recipe telah membawakan kepada dinner kami pd mlm tu. borak punye borak, mkn pye mkn, siap kacau waiter secret recipe. joey ah ni..suke kacau org! haha. I'm touched by Pinto's story. we should all bersyukur for our health becos not all of us are lucky. sometime we take things for granted. i know always do. i hope i can change. i want to.hmm ape lah Emo plak ni. Anywayyyy.. its good to have people to just hang and let loose some of the extra beggage on workload. but after that, BAM! terus tido. penat nk gila! huhu. Joey bought himself a pair of t-shirt at Giordano.. argh! if only aku pun bwk extra money. tp kene sbr. just hv to wait until i get to UK and go crazy on shopping. *finger crosses*

nwy,the long version of this story can be read in Joey's hehe :)

Thanks Joey & Fiat Pinto :)
we shud do this more often.
ABC jom! haha

Delay & Pre-Bday


its been awhile. yah everytime i update i'll be saying its a long time since i update. but hell, mmg dh lama pn kan? hmm maybe malas nk ceritakan ape yg dh byk berlaku or im just plain lazy.
hmm..bile la nk berubah..

10 May was my bday and was quite sad cos fakhry wasnt here to celeb with. i miss him..
and thats why...............we've made a pre-bday for both of us. yeay!! it was end of april i guess. (huh,gile la xingt)we went to pyramid and had a dinner at Bubba Gumb Shrimp.(oh i love this place) he bought a cake, for both of us but he gave it to the waiter in bubba gump to keep it until desert time.when they asked whose bday is it, of cos fakhry kata bday aku. then all of the waiter & waitress gather around our table and i thought, "alamak ni mesti nk nyanyi ramai nihhh" but then they pull out a chair and asked me NOT to SEAT on it but to STAND on it! gile la weh! nk wat cmner dh sume org tgk, aku pun berdiri la atas kerusi tu..and all the waiter n waitress starting cheering loudly...and saying sarcastic thing about birthday and it was soo hilarious! but then they asked me to GOYANGKAN PINGGUL! yes!! if not they wont give my bday cake! aiyahhhhhh!! goyang inul la aku mlm tu. siot ok! tp buat bodo je sbb aku xkenal sapa2 pun dlm restoran tu. fakhry got it on tape ok mase tu. malu jaakkk! but anyway it was a fun night. thanks to my lovely fakhry, although before this event happen we had a huge fight! argh! susah la nk elak from bergaduh. dem! but i love u honey!

here's the vid. mmg bodoh je rase tp sgt best :D

Happy birthday to us syg :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Climb the wall

Hello peeps,

Lame dh aku x update blog. seriusly bile dh keje ni, all other things seems unimportant and rase malas tu akan meluap2-luap..
Well, parents n lil sis is in JAKARTA, i'm home alone.. have nothing to do at home but watch tv.
yesterday went WALL CLIMBING. Yes! Wall Climbing! i thought it wud be easy, yelah dulu suka pnjat2 pokok tinggi2 mcm xde masalah so ingtkan mcm senang.

but 1st day je si hapis lupa bawak tali, so i climb the wall without the safety rope. bole bayangkan x?so agaknye bape tinggi je la aku leh pnjat kan? haha. tangan aku terus rasa berat dan kebas. gile ak rase mcm budak gemuk yg xbole pnjat. damn! need to excersise!! this is like ALERT!!!
mmg tahap gile gaban la. i got no stamina, no strength. seriusly i'm starting to feel like a fat loser. but hell, i've got to overcome this situation rite now! hmm.. tolonglaaaa....

ok ni btul2 kene make it work. si fakhry pun dh bising siap bg dumbell suh aku guna.
ok syg i will try to kuruskan bdn i mcm model! yeah rite! but wth!! i'm gonna give it a try.
for u hunny, and for that aku bole berfesyen tanpa perlu memikirkan tentang muat ke x baju/seluar yg aku nk pakai.

**chalo babes,
aku kene smbung keje smbil usha engineer & technician2 yg hensem...
jgn marah ye yang.hehe ;pp

Sunday, February 1, 2009

giliran aku pulak!

me n fakhry, we havent seen each other for about 3 this time i asked him to take me to klcc cos dah lame gilaa x gi klcc. cant remember when was our last time kitorg gi. mcm dh 2 tahun kot. huhu. nways, my real intention is to go SHOPPING! yes! its my turn now! dh lame dh aku sabar je..duit gaji dh 3 bulan x sentuh2 lg, and with my bisnes is going on so well now, i think i deserve to have some pleasure :)

i know cam poyo gler nk kecoh psl shopping2 nih, tp dulik ape aku!! sbb puas ati sgt shopping aku nk gak berblog! nways, i've came across the cute slippers at NOSE, murah jugak..mmg dh nak beli dh then suddenly si fakhry ni asked me to try this GRAY WEDGES..very high wedges u see..i'm like, ok i'll give it a try.then OMG!! its really like LAWA GILER!! been seing this kind of wedges worn by celebs. I felt in live with it instantly! and i bought it!! HAHAAA..yg paling best, TERUS PAKAI TUH!!! :DDD
ingt aku dh xkan pki high heels but who knows? i just change my mind just like that! of course,when the right shoes come, u just can't control urself from not buying it.;p

Marni Wedges

same kan? =))

and then there were the bags...ILYA & BAGS are like inseperable u see..haha.
mule kat NOSE tu ada satu bag hijau yg lawa jugaklah. but the price's not! so jln2 kt MNG jmpa this one sling bag in NAVY BLUE, cute sgt! i never had this kind of bag. cute,the price is quite high la but not as mahal as the green bag. so duk ulang alik frm MNG n NOSE then i decided to buy th BLUE one. Fakhry pun approve :)

Then after stroling around klcc park we got back to shah alam and have dinner.
we ate at this small stall at dataran s.alm where we usually hang out before we head back home..


mmg puas hati! hahaha..
peace y'all!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life End

I'm not talking about how my life ended. RU KIDDING ME?!!
Ok serius, its really about how easy our life can end (MATI), without knowing how or when..

but recently somehow i got to met two people whom no one knows that their life is going to an kinda spooks me a bit. ntah bile la plak giliran kite ye?
and that get me thinking about all the things that i've done..good and bad..
byk benda yg kene diperbetulkan..hish! takutnye..
hope to be a better person. will try HARD..Insyallah..

Al fatihah to my cousin Arwah Harith bin Roslee (14 years old) who just died 3 weeks ago bcos of kidney failure