Sunday, December 28, 2008


since i cant stand to wear high heels, and i already tried wedges, i've been wearing flat shoes and pumps (ala2 kasut penguin zaman dlu yg laki selalu pakai) xtaula if y'all tau ke dak. hehe. but i've own several of them. pakai smpai lusuh n koyak, beli lg..pakai smpai koyak...beli lg. ;p

then i came across this KEDS COLLECTION. the shoes are INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!
i've been wanting to grab at least on of those. Its a UK brand, and hopefully kalo dpt smbg Master kt UK (insyaallah) mmg aku nk pi beli gak KASUT KEDS :)))

I look on their website and it is very COOL i tell u. u can even design ur own shoes. How interesting!



**jadi la tu for my 1st time attemp. hehe

good day!


i was walking around at SACC Mall, buying gift for my anniversary ;p
mmg x pk nk shopping lah. but when i check my StandChartd acc, my half month pay check just in! i mean like OMG!! n aku still belum terpk nk shopping. but lucky me, Sacc Mall is having MEGA SALE, so i went in to Vincci. just looking and looking, just to see if there's any nice and cheap (i mean ade discount la) Gladiators. at first i saw this turquoise gladiators but size 7 dh abis. And thank god size 7 tu xda if not i would have bought that gladiators and not buy the REALY AMAZING STYLISH gladiators!
its very simple design, not like most gladiators with long straps with buckle..i hate buckle sandels!
the colours is just Shining Bright :)

and LUCKY ME, this one have in size 7 :DDDDDDD
i love it!! by just looking at it i could smile and smile..i could never get bored.
price?? RM35 ONLY!!!!!!!!!

Here's some of the Trendiest Gladiators
**maybe next time i'll buy them..hehe

** nasib baik aku x gila kasut, if not i would be BROKE! :p


see yah!


ok, some of u may know that i get crazy when it get to bags..i just LOVE 'EM!! and i wanted THEM ALL!! in ALL COLOURS!! in ALL DESIGNS!! but hello, duit pun x byk sgt kan nk beli yg designers collection pye. so i bought the SPLURGE ones. still hv similar design but in very CHEAP price! for me to get new bags, i've to sold my old ones, sbb lame2 kang x pakai pulak. and i really love to buy the ones with latest design :D

so here's the only bags that i own.yg lain sume, already sold! :)

i just bought this new RED tote, but i plan to sell it :)
its brand new and price tag pun x tanggal lg..hehe
anyone want it?? very nice huh? it cost more than RM100.
tp sbb sale, so dpt la murah skit. :DDD

** still waiting for my new bag to arrive :)

anyone who wants to buy stylish & trendy bag
just go to

im out!


i eat a lot. i mean a lot. smpai my bf is like "membebel" about my weight.
so of cos most of my tops mcm ketat kt perut.. so..i just have to wear BIG blouse whenever i go out. kalo x mmg burukla ngn perut buncit ni. but thats where the good news is. OVERSIZED SHIRT IS THE IN THING today in fashion.

and so...this is where my addiction to oversized shirt's my new Oversized Tops that i just bought.

Left top : red & white bf's shirt - bought it at Uptown 24
Left down : black & white stripes shirt - frm W3 - LITTLE BLACK BOOK (Sbg Parade)
Right top : yellow mustard cardigan - Nicole (Parkson)
Right down : cute oversized blouse - my supplier :)

I LOVE ALEXA CHUNG!! love her style! very casual but yet sophisticated. people said she's like the next Sienna Miller. Yes, she always wears oversized shirt!! she said women should know how to teased people by the way they dress. i totally understand whats that mean. Do you?? :p

Ashley Olsen in oversized shirt. Love it!

nice huh?? :)

Peace y'all!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Business Women

Hey everybody!!

i've been very busy lately handling my new biz now. hehe.
u'll hv no idea how quick this is. last month i was just day dreaming about open up an online boutique selling BAGS..always surfing other ppl blogs..and now..ITS MY TIME!!



cool x? hehehe.

and hey,u cn just shop here too!! and its CHEAP!

nways, gotta go. byk benda nk kene buat nih..


Monday, December 1, 2008

Ku Pendam Sebuah Duka

Bercinta sudah lama
Berkasih dan bermesra
Sedang enak membuai rasa
Perpisahan tercipta

Mengapa sementara
Cerahnya cinta kita
Mendung tiba tiada ku pinta
Gelapnya suasana

Walaupun hatiku
Amat berat melepasmu
Dan rintangan mendatang sayang
Terpaksa kuleraikan

Kita harungi jua
Kelak punah semua sayang
Mimpi yang kau harapkan

Ku pasti kau kembali
Menyatu dua hati
Lebih elok cari pengganti
Tiada kau menyendiri

Tak guna disesalkan
Hakikat percintaan
Mungkin terpendam kenikmatan
Sebalik perpisahan...

The lyrics tells all. sedih sgt lagu nih..smpai menangis aku dgr.