Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Have ya'll heard 'Hanya Kau Yg Mampu' by Aizat?
if not, u're missing the most wonderful song for the year! yes!! the MOST lovey touchey song jiwang gila tp mmg best gila wacakaplu.......................
mamat tembam ni dh kurus and he is one the perintis for the future music producer.
he produced the song and the lyrics by himself, that is quite an achievement for a very young boy who is just trying to enter the industry.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

wannabe..(no this is not the Spice Girls' song)

I was just browsing into several local indie bands,just to check out their songs and what were their activites and all. i found that most bands sounds just the same,basically. i may not know a thing or two about music but i think i know how to recognise the good and bad ones. sadly, i think some of the bands are what i called "White Trash". at least that what i called for the mat saleh..they were just all over the places..the sounds are awfull. the drum sounds weird and loud. are they just doing it because they think making a band is the "IT" thing today? or they really2 have the passion for it? i don't know. i may never know. but what i can tell u is that they sounded Trassh!! sorry to say lah kan..again i may not be true,but it looks like they are just the wannabe peeps who trying hard to fit in the "COOL" crowd. not to mention the crowd who listen and come to their gigs and just jumping all over..i mean "are they even listening to the songs?????" this is why i think the music industry cannot survive in malaysia. unless u're MAWI. if the crowd were fed with this lousy and trashy songs, then they will never know the real i mean REAL songs that have good rythm and good quality. learn from the indonesian, they really2 take advantage of the "mat saleh songs" and try to make it in their own way. well, u can say that they maybe copying or whatever but hey, at least they sounded GOOD.

whatever it is, there are some bands that i think is superb! THE FRIDAYS for instance, they really2 know how to make songs. u guys should hear their fren BOB plays the drum. hehe. anyway, u can hear them at

ok people,its almost sahur time.
happy fasting to all..