Sunday, August 10, 2008

mixed feelings..

This weekend has been the most relaxing.. i haven't got much time spending with my family on i love it! my sister in perak were in town..and ayah just got here from umrah..i think this weeknd worked so well.. i have them all right here..we went shopping at SACC Mall, got a few new shirts..this is one of the things I LOVE to do with my parents. SHOPPING with them was like "Yeah!!!" can buy all the mahal2 things..hahaha..

Anyway the only reason that i was not very keen is about my cousin who is staying with us for the moment before he went to MIAT. its not anything bad really, just that i don't like having stranger or poeple who i havent know that much. and most of all it's a boy. susah la nk pakai seksi2 kt umah.. i hope he got to MIAT ASAP!

I think i just realized that i'm a home person rather than outgoing one. of course i love going out with some friends at times but not all the time. unlike some people i know.
haaah! talking about this, there this person who is i think is very PATHETIC! ok i may be kinda harsh, but hey! i'm being honest! ok u got ditch by ur BF, i'm sorry for u.. we all are. but stop being annoying and put an act like "hey i'm feeling so happy lets go out EVERY WEEKEND!!"or even "Hey, last weekend was the most enjoying moment"----like OMG! is it everythime u're going out was like the most enjoying time? Hello? we're not stupid! we know u're sooooo freaking sad because u got DUMPED by ur bf! ok i may sound cruel, but i just can't take it the FAKENESS that u put up on your face and act as if u're so bubbly and happy all the time. we know what exactly going up on ur head...i have a friend who just also have the same experience but she's being realistic! CRY UR HEART OUT! and have all ur closest friends around u.
but please stop being...FAKE! and ANNOYING!

Next, about my new 'job' its not really exciting or challenging. its too....i don't know what the correct word to describe it..hmm..Bored? kinda true also..haha..but it pay good money though.
Me being the real me...cannot stick on one thing for very long time (not about men ok, i'm loyal to my BF.hehe..) i mean i always wanted something exciting and to learn something new.
Here..i just check documents...and qoute any discrepancies on the docs..THATS IT! nothing more. thats so like.."mcm keje kilang" u know what u gonna do everyday! and doing the same thing all over again. am i being picky? Yes! i realize i'm a lazy gal who wants a good job with good pay...nak study lagi..oh please! i cant stand books right now.
i think my sense of being 'SEDERHANA' has gotten used to me. i just wanna be happy with my loved ones..have a good job with a good pay and have kids. thats all i want.. i don't care if i don't have millions of dollars on my bank. but as long as i can buy anything that can make me comfortable and good quality i'm already satisfied.hmm i miss my fakhry. heh. hope he's doing alright with his work.

ok thats all for now. it hink i've said much.
see ya'll next time..
have a good day everyone!