Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cindel & Wicked

My stars keep me company and they stay through the night..

My stars keep watching over when i feel in disguise

Some things change but something psycho never as they are...

In the sky shining high,

my stars...

I still remember the song when I watch one of my best childhood movie EWOK.

Gosh! I miss my childhood year.. I wanna go back.. back to those years where everything is so happy and enjoyful.

The character in the movie, Cindel and Ewok are best of friends. Both of them were so adorable. The movie is so fascinating! Even for an adult! It’s George Lucas. Of cos lah kan? Anyway, the movie itself is a journey…a wonderful and adventurous journey ever!

Of cos there’re some sad scenes in this movie. Especially when both of cindel and wicked parents’ died. Poor those two lil babies…

aren't they the cutest?

I tried to download the movie but thank god my sister had already done it because she is too.. a wicked’s admirer! Haha. I really miss those time when we were kids…I wish I could turn back time. =)

Monday, July 7, 2008

so called soul mates..

Ok first of all I am not talking about THE soul mate like a Bf or husband.

Have u ever feel like the friends that you have is not really ur friends? like your friends have are just bunch of names but they actually couldn’t care less about you but they just act as if they really care, just for the sake of being friends? Still x phm? Ok I give up. Just bare with my words ok.

Well I’ve been keeping this feeling for quite awhile now. First, I am saying that masuk bakul and angkat sendiri, but I think I’ve been very supportive whenever my friends needed me. I really am feel sorry and sad for them if they have any problem n wat not, but somehow, I just really feel unappreciated. Some people take advantage for the things that I had and will ask for my help. Of cos I would. Y shouldn’t i? but f*** man! After all the things that I’ve done, is this really how IT repay me? I called it cos im just fucking pissed off! I don’t think I could ever volunteer myself to do anything for IT anymore.

What an ass could it be? Being the so called everybody’s friend and pretending to know about everything. Get a life! Yes! that what I should say to it. Stop invading everybody’s life. Sudahla aku ni baik hati kesian kan ko sbb byk benda ko teringin tp x dpt cos u’re so fucking u***! But u treat me like shit! I don’t want to give all the details what it had done to me but they sure enough to make me pissed off! Sometimes I just think that it may be jealous of me because I have more friends, I have cute BF, got a pretty good car, then may it think that to hell with me no need to make merry of mine. For the love of god everybody has that!

What is it about me that make that stupid person just ignored mine? Pretending to be in help then when I offer it, and owh.u already have a help on ur way and not letting me in. GO TO HELL lah! U and all your so called soul mates.. I hope y’all be happy with your so called “exciting” and “loving” life. Pity u! if this what makes u happy so be it. I don’t even care. But just stop asking me for help. Cos I wont help u no more…..once u did bad things to me, I will hurt u back 10 times more. (I may not be that cruel) but yes that what I really intend to do..I’d never feel like this before I mean this is too much! i think I have it all but I’m not. I really don’t. should I say this all so that it will be sad for me then it would be nice to me? Like hell no. friends shoud be supportive in everything. In my case, not! They just think that I have it all and I have nothing to worry about so they would never feel sad or feel pity for me. Yah! Thank u very much! now I know I don’t have it all. I don’t have Real Friends. Is that what make it happy? I guess ur dream come true ha? Somehow this is why I think I feel really close to friends that are differing sex with me. I think I’m one of the lads. I always be one of the lads. Haha. Jealous? Be very jealous if you want to.

Ok I guess I should stop now. gotta go to work tomorrow. Love the new works. Cool frens.=)

Adios amigos.