Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OK GO! gut busted dancers..

Hello everyone..
Ok being free all the times and got nothing to do other than chores and baby sitting..i finally gut stucked to my laptop watching freaking n funny videos on youtube.

OK GO! is freakin' awesome! i mean how many band did u see make their own videos and choreograph a freking funny dance? it looks like on youtube there are tonnes of other people impersonating their dance and the band even made a contest the "OK GO DANCE COMPETITION". Surprisingly all of them were good at it. They were so popular even in some countries they are even bigger than Justin Timberlake. haha...Seriusly i want to dance like them too u know! Anyone with me????

check out their gut busted videos!

A million ways to be cruel

Here it goes again

Thursday, May 15, 2008

and so did i..

Hello to all..
I'm back in the bloggie world..Srew my last blog cos it reminds me of some boy in the past.
Since i've been with my dearly beloved mat kental i though i would never have to blog again cos everything seems to be perfect and all (as if!!)

Well life is not that easy as it seems to be and now i got tonnes of it so here i am, back in the game. but seriously, its not just about blabbering about probs but i hope i can put some joyful moments here. and hopefully lots of it.

Its 3.20am now, better sleep now.
Good nite bloggies..