Sunday, December 28, 2008


since i cant stand to wear high heels, and i already tried wedges, i've been wearing flat shoes and pumps (ala2 kasut penguin zaman dlu yg laki selalu pakai) xtaula if y'all tau ke dak. hehe. but i've own several of them. pakai smpai lusuh n koyak, beli lg..pakai smpai koyak...beli lg. ;p

then i came across this KEDS COLLECTION. the shoes are INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!
i've been wanting to grab at least on of those. Its a UK brand, and hopefully kalo dpt smbg Master kt UK (insyaallah) mmg aku nk pi beli gak KASUT KEDS :)))

I look on their website and it is very COOL i tell u. u can even design ur own shoes. How interesting!



**jadi la tu for my 1st time attemp. hehe

good day!


i was walking around at SACC Mall, buying gift for my anniversary ;p
mmg x pk nk shopping lah. but when i check my StandChartd acc, my half month pay check just in! i mean like OMG!! n aku still belum terpk nk shopping. but lucky me, Sacc Mall is having MEGA SALE, so i went in to Vincci. just looking and looking, just to see if there's any nice and cheap (i mean ade discount la) Gladiators. at first i saw this turquoise gladiators but size 7 dh abis. And thank god size 7 tu xda if not i would have bought that gladiators and not buy the REALY AMAZING STYLISH gladiators!
its very simple design, not like most gladiators with long straps with buckle..i hate buckle sandels!
the colours is just Shining Bright :)

and LUCKY ME, this one have in size 7 :DDDDDDD
i love it!! by just looking at it i could smile and smile..i could never get bored.
price?? RM35 ONLY!!!!!!!!!

Here's some of the Trendiest Gladiators
**maybe next time i'll buy them..hehe

** nasib baik aku x gila kasut, if not i would be BROKE! :p


see yah!


ok, some of u may know that i get crazy when it get to bags..i just LOVE 'EM!! and i wanted THEM ALL!! in ALL COLOURS!! in ALL DESIGNS!! but hello, duit pun x byk sgt kan nk beli yg designers collection pye. so i bought the SPLURGE ones. still hv similar design but in very CHEAP price! for me to get new bags, i've to sold my old ones, sbb lame2 kang x pakai pulak. and i really love to buy the ones with latest design :D

so here's the only bags that i own.yg lain sume, already sold! :)

i just bought this new RED tote, but i plan to sell it :)
its brand new and price tag pun x tanggal lg..hehe
anyone want it?? very nice huh? it cost more than RM100.
tp sbb sale, so dpt la murah skit. :DDD

** still waiting for my new bag to arrive :)

anyone who wants to buy stylish & trendy bag
just go to

im out!


i eat a lot. i mean a lot. smpai my bf is like "membebel" about my weight.
so of cos most of my tops mcm ketat kt perut.. so..i just have to wear BIG blouse whenever i go out. kalo x mmg burukla ngn perut buncit ni. but thats where the good news is. OVERSIZED SHIRT IS THE IN THING today in fashion.

and so...this is where my addiction to oversized shirt's my new Oversized Tops that i just bought.

Left top : red & white bf's shirt - bought it at Uptown 24
Left down : black & white stripes shirt - frm W3 - LITTLE BLACK BOOK (Sbg Parade)
Right top : yellow mustard cardigan - Nicole (Parkson)
Right down : cute oversized blouse - my supplier :)

I LOVE ALEXA CHUNG!! love her style! very casual but yet sophisticated. people said she's like the next Sienna Miller. Yes, she always wears oversized shirt!! she said women should know how to teased people by the way they dress. i totally understand whats that mean. Do you?? :p

Ashley Olsen in oversized shirt. Love it!

nice huh?? :)

Peace y'all!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Business Women

Hey everybody!!

i've been very busy lately handling my new biz now. hehe.
u'll hv no idea how quick this is. last month i was just day dreaming about open up an online boutique selling BAGS..always surfing other ppl blogs..and now..ITS MY TIME!!



cool x? hehehe.

and hey,u cn just shop here too!! and its CHEAP!

nways, gotta go. byk benda nk kene buat nih..


Monday, December 1, 2008

Ku Pendam Sebuah Duka

Bercinta sudah lama
Berkasih dan bermesra
Sedang enak membuai rasa
Perpisahan tercipta

Mengapa sementara
Cerahnya cinta kita
Mendung tiba tiada ku pinta
Gelapnya suasana

Walaupun hatiku
Amat berat melepasmu
Dan rintangan mendatang sayang
Terpaksa kuleraikan

Kita harungi jua
Kelak punah semua sayang
Mimpi yang kau harapkan

Ku pasti kau kembali
Menyatu dua hati
Lebih elok cari pengganti
Tiada kau menyendiri

Tak guna disesalkan
Hakikat percintaan
Mungkin terpendam kenikmatan
Sebalik perpisahan...

The lyrics tells all. sedih sgt lagu nih..smpai menangis aku dgr.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Have ya'll heard 'Hanya Kau Yg Mampu' by Aizat?
if not, u're missing the most wonderful song for the year! yes!! the MOST lovey touchey song jiwang gila tp mmg best gila wacakaplu.......................
mamat tembam ni dh kurus and he is one the perintis for the future music producer.
he produced the song and the lyrics by himself, that is quite an achievement for a very young boy who is just trying to enter the industry.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

wannabe..(no this is not the Spice Girls' song)

I was just browsing into several local indie bands,just to check out their songs and what were their activites and all. i found that most bands sounds just the same,basically. i may not know a thing or two about music but i think i know how to recognise the good and bad ones. sadly, i think some of the bands are what i called "White Trash". at least that what i called for the mat saleh..they were just all over the places..the sounds are awfull. the drum sounds weird and loud. are they just doing it because they think making a band is the "IT" thing today? or they really2 have the passion for it? i don't know. i may never know. but what i can tell u is that they sounded Trassh!! sorry to say lah kan..again i may not be true,but it looks like they are just the wannabe peeps who trying hard to fit in the "COOL" crowd. not to mention the crowd who listen and come to their gigs and just jumping all over..i mean "are they even listening to the songs?????" this is why i think the music industry cannot survive in malaysia. unless u're MAWI. if the crowd were fed with this lousy and trashy songs, then they will never know the real i mean REAL songs that have good rythm and good quality. learn from the indonesian, they really2 take advantage of the "mat saleh songs" and try to make it in their own way. well, u can say that they maybe copying or whatever but hey, at least they sounded GOOD.

whatever it is, there are some bands that i think is superb! THE FRIDAYS for instance, they really2 know how to make songs. u guys should hear their fren BOB plays the drum. hehe. anyway, u can hear them at

ok people,its almost sahur time.
happy fasting to all..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

mixed feelings..

This weekend has been the most relaxing.. i haven't got much time spending with my family on i love it! my sister in perak were in town..and ayah just got here from umrah..i think this weeknd worked so well.. i have them all right here..we went shopping at SACC Mall, got a few new shirts..this is one of the things I LOVE to do with my parents. SHOPPING with them was like "Yeah!!!" can buy all the mahal2 things..hahaha..

Anyway the only reason that i was not very keen is about my cousin who is staying with us for the moment before he went to MIAT. its not anything bad really, just that i don't like having stranger or poeple who i havent know that much. and most of all it's a boy. susah la nk pakai seksi2 kt umah.. i hope he got to MIAT ASAP!

I think i just realized that i'm a home person rather than outgoing one. of course i love going out with some friends at times but not all the time. unlike some people i know.
haaah! talking about this, there this person who is i think is very PATHETIC! ok i may be kinda harsh, but hey! i'm being honest! ok u got ditch by ur BF, i'm sorry for u.. we all are. but stop being annoying and put an act like "hey i'm feeling so happy lets go out EVERY WEEKEND!!"or even "Hey, last weekend was the most enjoying moment"----like OMG! is it everythime u're going out was like the most enjoying time? Hello? we're not stupid! we know u're sooooo freaking sad because u got DUMPED by ur bf! ok i may sound cruel, but i just can't take it the FAKENESS that u put up on your face and act as if u're so bubbly and happy all the time. we know what exactly going up on ur head...i have a friend who just also have the same experience but she's being realistic! CRY UR HEART OUT! and have all ur closest friends around u.
but please stop being...FAKE! and ANNOYING!

Next, about my new 'job' its not really exciting or challenging. its too....i don't know what the correct word to describe it..hmm..Bored? kinda true also..haha..but it pay good money though.
Me being the real me...cannot stick on one thing for very long time (not about men ok, i'm loyal to my BF.hehe..) i mean i always wanted something exciting and to learn something new.
Here..i just check documents...and qoute any discrepancies on the docs..THATS IT! nothing more. thats so like.."mcm keje kilang" u know what u gonna do everyday! and doing the same thing all over again. am i being picky? Yes! i realize i'm a lazy gal who wants a good job with good pay...nak study lagi..oh please! i cant stand books right now.
i think my sense of being 'SEDERHANA' has gotten used to me. i just wanna be happy with my loved ones..have a good job with a good pay and have kids. thats all i want.. i don't care if i don't have millions of dollars on my bank. but as long as i can buy anything that can make me comfortable and good quality i'm already satisfied.hmm i miss my fakhry. heh. hope he's doing alright with his work.

ok thats all for now. it hink i've said much.
see ya'll next time..
have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cindel & Wicked

My stars keep me company and they stay through the night..

My stars keep watching over when i feel in disguise

Some things change but something psycho never as they are...

In the sky shining high,

my stars...

I still remember the song when I watch one of my best childhood movie EWOK.

Gosh! I miss my childhood year.. I wanna go back.. back to those years where everything is so happy and enjoyful.

The character in the movie, Cindel and Ewok are best of friends. Both of them were so adorable. The movie is so fascinating! Even for an adult! It’s George Lucas. Of cos lah kan? Anyway, the movie itself is a journey…a wonderful and adventurous journey ever!

Of cos there’re some sad scenes in this movie. Especially when both of cindel and wicked parents’ died. Poor those two lil babies…

aren't they the cutest?

I tried to download the movie but thank god my sister had already done it because she is too.. a wicked’s admirer! Haha. I really miss those time when we were kids…I wish I could turn back time. =)

Monday, July 7, 2008

so called soul mates..

Ok first of all I am not talking about THE soul mate like a Bf or husband.

Have u ever feel like the friends that you have is not really ur friends? like your friends have are just bunch of names but they actually couldn’t care less about you but they just act as if they really care, just for the sake of being friends? Still x phm? Ok I give up. Just bare with my words ok.

Well I’ve been keeping this feeling for quite awhile now. First, I am saying that masuk bakul and angkat sendiri, but I think I’ve been very supportive whenever my friends needed me. I really am feel sorry and sad for them if they have any problem n wat not, but somehow, I just really feel unappreciated. Some people take advantage for the things that I had and will ask for my help. Of cos I would. Y shouldn’t i? but f*** man! After all the things that I’ve done, is this really how IT repay me? I called it cos im just fucking pissed off! I don’t think I could ever volunteer myself to do anything for IT anymore.

What an ass could it be? Being the so called everybody’s friend and pretending to know about everything. Get a life! Yes! that what I should say to it. Stop invading everybody’s life. Sudahla aku ni baik hati kesian kan ko sbb byk benda ko teringin tp x dpt cos u’re so fucking u***! But u treat me like shit! I don’t want to give all the details what it had done to me but they sure enough to make me pissed off! Sometimes I just think that it may be jealous of me because I have more friends, I have cute BF, got a pretty good car, then may it think that to hell with me no need to make merry of mine. For the love of god everybody has that!

What is it about me that make that stupid person just ignored mine? Pretending to be in help then when I offer it, and owh.u already have a help on ur way and not letting me in. GO TO HELL lah! U and all your so called soul mates.. I hope y’all be happy with your so called “exciting” and “loving” life. Pity u! if this what makes u happy so be it. I don’t even care. But just stop asking me for help. Cos I wont help u no more…..once u did bad things to me, I will hurt u back 10 times more. (I may not be that cruel) but yes that what I really intend to do..I’d never feel like this before I mean this is too much! i think I have it all but I’m not. I really don’t. should I say this all so that it will be sad for me then it would be nice to me? Like hell no. friends shoud be supportive in everything. In my case, not! They just think that I have it all and I have nothing to worry about so they would never feel sad or feel pity for me. Yah! Thank u very much! now I know I don’t have it all. I don’t have Real Friends. Is that what make it happy? I guess ur dream come true ha? Somehow this is why I think I feel really close to friends that are differing sex with me. I think I’m one of the lads. I always be one of the lads. Haha. Jealous? Be very jealous if you want to.

Ok I guess I should stop now. gotta go to work tomorrow. Love the new works. Cool frens.=)

Adios amigos.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Shopping Madness in Bandung..

The 3 days in Bandung (25th June - 27th June 2008) is the craziest days!

I can’t say much! Not now. But what I wanna tell u guys is that BANDUNG IS THE SHIZZLE!!

I mean how often u can get to shop and shop n shop!! Which I almost drop but I don’t think so..haha. I still bring quite a lot of money home.

It just so hard to find all these beautiful shirts, blause, tops, skinny jeans, begs and a whole lot more that u can get for cheap prices.

All I can show now are the things that I’ve bought. I'm still waiting for the dindas to upload our photos back there. So here they are…don’t be jealous k? hehe..

Saturday, June 14, 2008

love hurts..but it makes me feel alive.

Tonight we drink to youth
And holding fast the truth
Don't want to lose what I had as a boy
My heart still has a beat
But love is now a feat
As common as a cold day in L.A.

Sometimes when I'm alone I wonder
Is there a spell that I am under
Keeping me from seeing the real thing

I'm fettered and abused
Stand naked and accused
Should I surface, this one-man submarine?
I only want the truth!
So tonight we drink to youth!
I'll never lose what I had as a boy

Sometimes when I'm alone I wonder
Is there a spell that I am under
Keeping me from seeing the real thing?

Love hurts
But sometimes it's a good hurt
And it feels like I'm alive
Love sings
When it transcends the bad things
Have a heart and try me
'cause without love I won't survive

this song really suits my mood right now. love does hurts. it truly does.

disconcert i am

It is Saturday, got no plan for the weekend. Mama is sick. Unfortunately she’s having problem with her periods. I’m scared. But I hope she will be ok. Ok back to the real reason why I wrote this. For the love of god I don’t know how many times me n fakhry got into fights. Big or small the matter was, we just keep on fighting. But as usual we somehow manage to end all those fighting. Deep inside me, I think I‘ve never been satisfied. I mean the way we forgive each other. It is either I tend to back off and just put aside me or when he just gave up and just followed what I say. Sounds fake, I mean no matter how hard I try to explain to him what I was having or what makes me angry and not satisfy with anything, he just did not want to listen. It hurt so bad when i try so hard to make things work between us but then he just look at our argument is like so silly and he thinks that I just over react. But seriously don’t! He just don’t understand! Sometime he just refuse to listen and just pretend to be interested. I don’t know how long I can take this kind of burden. I love him. So much! But like we all always heard, love isn’t everything.

For me, I’m still thinking that he just doesn’t know how to understand me.

I really don’t know how I am going to do with him. We love each other so very much. There’s no doubt about it. But it just so much more for us to understand and in my case for him. I know being a medic student he may not has a lot of time to think about relationship and all the little things or big things that he should know and understand. About me. He should really think about me, I mean I have so many things in my mind that I wanna do and there are so many things that I want to explore but being with him I find that it is very difficult for me to experience all that because we always be very careful about everything. I am happy with him but I just don’t feel the excitement anymore.

We are so different. But I thought it would be interesting but some I guess not. I can’t tell him about the music I love, the book that I’ve read or the movie or anything that I have interest in. not that I can’t tell him about all those things, but it just he would never understand about it and therefore I think it may be waste of time telling him about things he don’t understand or unfamiliar with. I hate myself. I hate myself because now I’m becoming more like him. I mean I never wanted to hurt anyone’s feeling but he always doing that to me and now I’m just like him. I become an angry person and I tend to be snobbish and look people down on me. I realize that when people do bad things to me, then I tend to do bad things to them back. And that is why sometime me n fakhry got into an argument, because I hurt his feelings. But I would never do that if he never did that to me. That is one of my problems that I need to work on.

No matter how hard I try to make things work, but if he just refuse to listen I don’t know what I’m gonna do…maybe time will decide. I hope he could change. I really hope so.

Its been awhile I know.
Good nite peeps.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OK GO! gut busted dancers..

Hello everyone..
Ok being free all the times and got nothing to do other than chores and baby sitting..i finally gut stucked to my laptop watching freaking n funny videos on youtube.

OK GO! is freakin' awesome! i mean how many band did u see make their own videos and choreograph a freking funny dance? it looks like on youtube there are tonnes of other people impersonating their dance and the band even made a contest the "OK GO DANCE COMPETITION". Surprisingly all of them were good at it. They were so popular even in some countries they are even bigger than Justin Timberlake. haha...Seriusly i want to dance like them too u know! Anyone with me????

check out their gut busted videos!

A million ways to be cruel

Here it goes again

Thursday, May 15, 2008

and so did i..

Hello to all..
I'm back in the bloggie world..Srew my last blog cos it reminds me of some boy in the past.
Since i've been with my dearly beloved mat kental i though i would never have to blog again cos everything seems to be perfect and all (as if!!)

Well life is not that easy as it seems to be and now i got tonnes of it so here i am, back in the game. but seriously, its not just about blabbering about probs but i hope i can put some joyful moments here. and hopefully lots of it.

Its 3.20am now, better sleep now.
Good nite bloggies..